Why Choose Us To Gain Knowledge !

We offer an easy interactive study approach that allows our students to interact with native speakers. We also offer free learning materials, free mobile applications, Brand new effective teaching methods, a wide range of learning options for convenient and effective courses and an intensive classes thus short time duration to achieve a desired level.

Experienced Instructors

We have a large number of skilled and qualified instructors who conduct the training whether online or physical.

Our Best Courses

Explore our amazing courses catalogue and get started 


Language Courses

We teach languages like German, Kiswahili, English, Arabic, French, Dutch (Netherlands), Danish, Swedish and Luganda and more. Start your new amazing journey with us!


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a way of changing your thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes. It reduces anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.


Sign language

Come and learn how to use gesture, body movements and facial expressions to communicate. We have got experts in sign languages who have many people to learn how to use a visual language

Other services

Below is a list of some of our other services we provide to our clients. Come and experience our professional and quality services at an affordable price.

Translation services

We offer a wide range of Certified Translation Services in Uganda to organizations for different documents and Literature.

Exam preparation

We teach you how to present the knowledge you have clearly, in the format demanded by each component of the exam.


We offer internship vacancies to students from institutions and technical colleges and guide them on their career path.

Language Courses for Children

We have a program for children where we teach them different languages and also couch them in different aspects of life.

Language Assessment

We do both summative and formative language assessment. We help you determine your proficiency in a language.

Culture Orientation

We teach our clients the different cultural norms and behaviors for the people that belong to a given culture to help them cope up quickly with the new environments 

Adult literacy/education

We teach the UNEB Curriculum from S1 to S6 and the Cambridge Curriculum including Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11

Computer Literacy: We also teach ICT skills to youth and the young children to equip them with computer knowledge


We offer consultancy services to our clients in various fields. Are you looking for ways to streamline your business operations? We are the people who can help you with this and even more. Contacts us today and we help you grow your business with seamless efforts

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Our Seamless Features

Have the sessions scheduled during your free time, either online or physical without interfering with your daily program.


Skilled Teachers

Have sessions with our experienced and well trained instructors .


Affordable Courses

We offer a wide range of services at an affordable and negotiable cost.


Efficient & Flexible

We can schedule sessions depending on your availability whether physical or online.

Instructors And Teachers

Meet our team of professional, experienced and well trained instructors who are ready to help you make your dreams come true.

Emma Denis


Regan Lugoloobi


Joseph Mabadiliko


Hildburg Innecken


Review's From Students

Here is what students who have been mentored from Dream Languages School say about us.


Dream Language School is an Authentic and result oriented school.

Kamoga Ronald


I went through dream schools for my Kiswahili training and I don’t regret any part of it.

Amutuheire Joan


Get knowledge from a team of professionals found at Dream Language School.

Nakitto Maria

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